On 7 and 8 April 2016 will be held in Milan (Italy) the 3rd European Days of albinism (3EDA). After the events held in Paris (October 2012, organized by Genespoir) and Valencia (April 2014, organized by ALBA), on this occasion are held in Italy, is the Italian association ALBINIT and the hospital Niguarda Ca'Granda Milan, Who hosts this important event in the world of albinism.

As in the previous successful editions of EDA in Paris and Valencia, the 3EDA will bring together international experts on albinism, with patients, families and their associations, at the same conference.

3EDAIn the conferences will participate:

- Clinicians and international researchers (including ophthalmologists, dermatologists, geneticists, neurologists, audiologists and molecular and cell biologists) will discuss: the best definitions and diagnostic protocols for albinism, the implementation of innovative diagnostic tools, The genetics and cellular biology of albinism, as well as the new therapeutic possibilities for this genetic condition.
- Patient and family associations, including the most important European associations of Albinism.
- Young European patients, who will have the opportunity to discuss and indicate their difficulties and desires.
- Patients and their families, teachers and all professionals in the psychopedagogical field, who directly suffer the psychological problems encountered by these patients, in their day to day.
The 3EDA represents a unique opportunity to discuss albinism in all its aspects, from the doctor / scientist to the social / psychological aspects, with the ultimate goal of raising awareness of this genetic condition, to exchange knowledge and ideas, and to facilitate projects and initiatives to support people with albinism.

For more information visit the specific web page of 3EDA.

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