The second European Days of Albinism (2EDA) will be held in Valencia (Spain) on 5 and 6 April 2014. 2EDA will bring together researchers interested in albinism, patients and their associations, in order to discuss, in parallel, the scientific and social aspects of albinism. And promote the exchange of ideas, projects and initiatives, at European level.

This meeting, organized by ALBA (Spanish Association to support people with albinism), is the continuation of a previous and successful edition, the 1EDA, organized by Genespoir (French Association in support of people with albinism), held in Paris In October 2012.

2EDALogoThe 2EDA will be held over a weekend to allow the participation of patients and their families.

On the first day (Saturday, April 5), scientists and members of the associations will meet separately to discuss their own issues and agendas.

On the second day (Sunday, April 6), the first part of the morning will be devoted to continue the previous sessions, and finally scientists and members of the associations will meet to summarize the topics discussed and the conclusions / recommendations reached before all the attendants .

The aim of this conference is to promote awareness of albinism, to activate collaborative projects in the field of albinism, and to facilitate collaboration between the different associations supporting people with albinism in Europe and represented at these conferences.

For more information visit the specific web page of 2EDA.

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