1st European Days of Albinism, Paris, France, 27-28 October 2012

Last weekend, 27-28 October 2012, the meeting on 1st European Days of Albinism, was held in Paris (France), hosted by the French Platform of Rare Diseases and organized by Genespoir, the French association in support of persons with albinism. This meeting was co-sponsored by the European Society for Pigment Cell Research (ESPCR).

About 65 participants, representing various associations on albinism from various countries (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherldans, UK and Ireland, Denmark, Norway) and scientists (ophthalmologists, geneticists, dermatologists, molecular biologists) gathered in Paris to discuss various aspects around albinism, from the latest research on genetics, animal models, diagnosis and therapeutic interventions, to the common problems, needs and demands faced by persons with albinism and their families.

LOGOforAEwebThe meeting expanded over two days, with the first day devoted to two concurrent parallel sessions where scientists and associations discussed, at length and in details, their corresponding topics.

Representatives from the researchers and the associations reported to all participants on the second day, where collaborative efforts were seeked and found, at the level of the associations and scientists participating.

The meeting proved to be very successful and Genespoir must be praised for all their efforts. It was decided that this meeting will be organized again, for the second time, in Madrid (Spain), during the Spring of 2014, in collaboration between the laboratory of Dr. Lluis Montoliu (CSIC/CIBERER) and ALBA, the Spanish association in support of persons with albinism. Genespoir, inspiring and pioneering this excellent initiative, at European level, will be also contributing to the organization of the second European meeting on albinism in 2014.