Albinit 2020 annual meeting

On October 11th the Italian Association - Albinit - held their annual meeting. Due to the pandemic and in respect of safety restrictions, this was held for the first time as a totally virtual event.

It was an important moment to present the activities that they are committed to and to share experiences and opinions. An important part of the session was dedicated to the sharing of experiences, with some best practice to face everyday challanges, and also to introduce the cooperation with Real Eyes Sports and Daniele Cassioli (Paralympic Water Ski champion) on sport projects tailored to promote inclusion and making sport more accessible for blind children and those with visual impairement. This was a great opportunity to reach a large audience and a stimulus to develop new projects for the future.

A sincere thanks to ASST Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda for representing the constant commitment in the medical-scientific field, both locally and internationally.