1st French scientific conference on albinism (2019)

On April 5th, 2019 the 1st French scientific conference dedicated to albinism took place in Bordeaux – aka JFA (Journée Française de l’Albinisme).

The first ever French scientific conference specifically dedicated to albinism was held at Bordeaux University Hospital on March 5th, 2019. This one-day event was organized by the team of Pr Benoît Arveiler Human Genetics Lab, joined by the physicians of the Bordeaux hospital albinism outpatient clinic and supported by Genespoir, the French albinism association.

The program included 19 presentations addressing many different aspects of albinism: ophthalmology, dermatology, genetics, haematology, socio-historical aspects, management of the patients as well as therapies.

The participants were clinicians and researchers coming from all regions of France and willing to share their expertise on albinism as well as discuss potential collaborations with one another.

Given the successful outcome of this first French albinism scientific conference, the organization of similar events has already been decided. The JFA should take place every other year, to alternate with the EDA (European Days of Albinism) whose next conference – the 5th EDA – will also be held in Bordeaux this April 2020.

Read more about this conference and download the scientific program on Bordeaux University Hospital’s website: https://www.chu-bordeaux.fr/Espace-m%C3%A9dia/Actualit%C3%A9s/1%C3%A8re-journ%C3%A9e-fran%C3%A7aise-de-l%E2%80%99albinisme-5-avril-2019/

Read more about the albinism-related activities of the Bordeaux University Hospital Molecular genetics lab (in French only): https://www.chu-bordeaux.fr/Espace-m%C3%A9dia/Actualit%C3%A9s/Actualit%C3%A9s-2018/-L-albinisme/

Read more about Bordeaux University Hospital’s albinism outpatient clinic: https://www.chu-bordeaux.fr/Les-services/Service-de-dermatologie-et-dermatologie-p%C3%A9diatrique/Pathologies/Albinisme/

1st French scientific conference on albinism (2019) 1JFA