2018 Genespoir Group Photo

On March 16th-18th, 2018, Genespoir, the French Albinism association, held its annual national meeting in Paris.

This year, as every other year, the members of Genespoir met in Paris for the annual conference of the association. About 150 people, from babies to grand-parents, gathered together for a weekend full of activities directly or indirectly related to albinism.

Children and teenagers had their own specific program with a mix of games and other fun activities, as well as albinism-oriented sessions run by psychologists.

Adults could enjoy several presentations, including a talk by Pr. Smail Hadj-Rabia on the newly created program of therapeutic education for people with albinism (presented in Norway a week before, during the 4th EDA scientific conference), a report on the 4th EDA and 3rd YPA by Antoine Gliksohn, a general presentation on albinism by Béatrice Jouanne, president of Genespoir, and a presentation on visual aids by a representative of Lissac, a well-known French chain of opticians.

The program also included the viewing of “Change your heart, not my color”, a short film on albinism in Senegal made by the French non-for-profit film production “Les films au clair de lune” in collaboration with the association ANAS (National Association of Senegalese people with albinism).

In 2019, the national meeting of Genespoir will take place in Strasbourg from March 15th – 17th.