Short report of the event “Albinism in Africa” on 30-3-2019

Oogvereniging Albinisme organized an event on the 30th of March about the theme: Albinism in Africa. This interesting day took place in a fitting meeting venue: the beautiful “Africa Museum” in Berg en Dal, the Netherlands. During the moving presentations, there was a special workshop for little children. They had a good time by making lovely African clay cabins.

"Living In The Shadow" AmsterdamUnder the name ‘Living in the Shadow’ different experts on albinism discussed the human rights of people with albinism on February 9th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Lisa Luchtenberg, chair of Oogvereniging Albinisme (Dutch patient group for people with albinism), held a short presentation and was part of the panel discussion during the albinism session. ‘Inclusion’ was the key word of this afternoon.

Documentary 'Breaking Myths' breaks down myths around albinism

The documentary 'Breaking Myths' breaks down the many myths around albinism and shows the reality of living with this condition. It aims to overcome barriers and prejudices and show that limits are set by oneself.


The Erasmus + education project "TOGETHER WE CAN OVERCOME BARRIERS: Strategy for the equity inclusion of young people with albinism at the center and in the classroom" has now completed and the results and outputs have been published by ALBA Asociación para la ayuda a personas con albinismo on a dedicated website at