4th EDA group photo

The fourth European Days of Albinism (4th EDA) took place in (Oslo) Norway from March 7 to 10, 2018. This event gather together many international scientific experts on the different aspects related to albinism (Genetics, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Biology, Neurology,...) in order to review the latest scientific advances and discuss future research orientations and collaborations. 

In parallel with this scientific conference, Albinism Europe held a work meeting that allowed the different European associations to share experience on their latest projects and define together the common European activities for the coming years.

A 3rd meeting of young Europeans with albinism (3YPA) took place at the same time and the same place. Over 30 young members of the different European associations of albinism participated in the meeting.

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The 42nd EPOS meeting (https://www.epos-focus.org/meetings) took place on September 23 rd and 24th 2016 at the Irchel campus of the University of Zurich, Swizerland. Albinism Europe was holding an information stand shared with Aniridia Europe. The Albinism Europe representatives were: Antoine Gliksohn (Genespoir, France) , Burcu Cakir-Keskin (Albinizm Derneği, Turkey) and Barbara Späth (NOAH, Germany) whereas Aniridia Europe was represented by Ognian Petkov (Bulgaria). It was the first time Albinism Europe was participating in an EPOS meeting.

II National Albinism Conference in Turkia

"Albinizm Derneği", Turkish Association of Albinism held its second National Conference on Albinism. After the first edition in Ankara in September 2014, it has now been held in Istanbul on 2 October 2016.

Dr. Ayse TOPALKARA (Ophthalmology), Professor Dr. Yasemin Alanay (Genetics), Sn. Aysun Gulapa (Special Education) and the psychologist Dr. Kumru Şenyaşar contributed all this valuable information to the conference.